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Satan is a demon and the only Diamaou to ever live. He was the son of a powerful Maou and younger half-brother of Lucifer. His most famous title, the Devil, was taken as the new name of his race after he died. He defeated all the other faction and united the Underworld under his rule. Satan later joined God in sealing Trihexa.

dragon god system wiki

Left exhausted, Lucifer had an assassin kill him. Immense Demonic Power: As an original devil demonSatan is extremely powerful. He was the first Super Devil to come into existence.

It was thought he inherited his powerful from his father, but in truth it was because he was the current Antichrist, born to destroy the current Underworld so that a new one could be made. Instead, he stopped the chaos by uniting it.

He was the 2 nd Most Power Existence, rivaled only by God. Unholy Light: A unique ability of the Satan clan. With it Satan is capable of creating numerous dark light-based weapons such as spears, arrows and swords.

It creates a miasma of pure darkness that devours everything it touches. It can also be solidified to create a powerful physical attack that burns whatever it touches.

Be it inherited example-Power of Destruction for specially made example-Kankara Formula. Shadow Body: Satan has acquired the ability to turn his body into a massless form.

dragon god system wiki

With it both physical and magical attacks simply pass right through him. Dragonification: Satan has the ability to transform any part of his body into that of a dragon by concentrating on that part. It increases his physical abilities to the extreme. Mark of Satan: The final power of Satan.

God of the Bible

Instead the mark is given to those that swear their undying loyalty to Satan. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.The Dragon God is a boss in Demon's Souls. When the player enters the fog door and gets close enough to the Dragon God, it will punch the pillars at the end of the corridor out of place; being too close to the point of impact will cause severe blunt damage. It is possible to hit the Dragon God's weak point with arrows from that point, but it will not register damage until a different condition is met.

The player will need to utilize the various pillars as cover from his line of sight.

Dragon God

If the player is not behind a pillar when the Dragon God turns its head in the player's direction, it will either punch the player or block off either side of the player and breathe fire on him; both attacks are almost certainly fatal unless the player is specifically equipped to resist fire and blunt damageand neither attack can be blocked or dodged. Before attacking, the Dragon God will roar, granting the player a brief window to get back behind cover before it actually attacks.

As the player makes his way down the corridor to the right, he will have to destroy fallen piles of rubble. Any damage besides from arrows, bolts, or Soulsucker will suffice. At the end of the corridor is a balcony with a ballista on it glowing blue.

This will also pin down its left arm, preventing it from punching the player. After this point, it will also occasionally reel its head from pain; it cannot see the player move while it does this. If the player does not have any ranged spells, he will have to dash up to the last pile of rubble and destroy it as quickly as possible before climbing up to the second balcony, which is safe from the dragon's fire breath.

A Crystal Lizard and the second ballista awaits atop the balcony. It is incapable of attacking directly in this state, but its breath is extremely hot and will inflict moderate fire damage if the player is too close when it exhales.

The horn on its chin can now be damaged, allowing the player to actually kill the Dragon God and claim its soul. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.However, it should always be kept in mind that, while Destructive Capacity and Area of Effect are some of the most primary ways to qualify for a particular tier, they are not the only ones. For instance, harming a character with a certain level of Durability also allows another character to qualify for the corresponding tier. Furthermore, it should be noted that characters from a higher tier are not necessarily invincible to entities of lower tiers, as certain powers and abilities can potentially bypass the difference in strength entirely, allowing the latter to contend with, or overpower such characters.

See this page for more information. It is also important to know that the difference between the lowest and highest bounds of a given tier is extremely variable and can be absolutely massive in scale. Hence, being far stronger than a character that belongs to a certain tier does not necessarily qualify one for a higher rating.

As of now, we do not consider higher-dimensional constructs as being necessarily infinitely greater than lower-dimensional equivalents until further context as to their nature and size is provided by a work of fiction.

Hence, they must either be placed at Unknown or simply reasonably scale relative to their best feats, provided they are not outliers or something of the sort, of course. Furthermore, the higher bounds of the system make use of infinite cardinal numbers as a metric to accurately quantify and categorize meta-hierarchies beyond even infinitely-layered ones. As such, it is advisable to read this explanation as well. No joule value available.

Characters capable of exerting force comparable to humans who are below the average norm in terms of strength, such as small children or infirm people, as well as smaller animals such as cats and dogs. Characters capable of exerting force comparable to that of regular humans, such as teenagers or unathletic adults.

Characters capable of exerting force comparable to that of more athletic humans, such as trained fighters or generally physically fit individuals. Characters who stand at the threshold of human strength and capabilities, represented by Olympic level athletes or rigorously trained martial artists, as well as larger animals. It is important to note that, despite being named "Street level", this tier has nothing to do with actually affecting an entire street, with the name being more of a reference to street fighters as portrayed in martial arts movies and the like.

Characters who can destroy or significantly damage extremely resistant materials such as stone, metal or steel, as well as similarly resistant parts of constructions such as structural boulders and walls.

Characters capable of destroying rooms or entire small constructions such as houses or more modest buildings.

Characters who can destroy medium-sized buildings and constructions, such as large factories or large complexes such as supermarkets. Characters who can destroy a small town or settlement, or those who can easily harm characters with small town level durability. Characters who can destroy a town, or those who can easily harm characters with town level durability.

Characters who can destroy a large town, or those who can easily harm characters with large town level durability. Characters who can destroy a small city, or those who can easily harm characters with small city level durability. Characters who can destroy a large mountain, or those who can easily harm characters with large mountain level durability.

Characters who can destroy a large island, or those who can easily harm characters with large island level durability. Characters who can destroy a small country, or those who can easily harm characters with small country level durability. Characters who can destroy a country, or those who can easily harm characters with country level durability. Characters who can destroy a large country, or those who can easily harm characters with large country level durability.

Characters who can destroy a continent or those who can easily harm characters with continent level durability. Characters who can destroy multiple continents or those who can easily harm characters with multi-continent level durability. Characters who can destroy a small planet or those who can easily harm characters with small planet level durability.

Characters who demonstrate an infinite amount of energy on a 3-D scale, or those who can affect an infinite 3-D area or an infinite number of finite or infinite universes when not accounting for any higher dimensions or timeor more generally any realm of comparable size. Large numbers of infinite universes, unless causally closed from one another by a separate spacetime or existence, only count for a higher level of this tier.

Common fictional examples of spaces representing such sizes are space-time continua of a universal scale.

How to Build a REAL Ninja in Dungeons \u0026 Dragons! – Which Ninja

However, it can be more generally fulfilled by any 4-dimensional space that is either:. A Provably infinite, one which can be safely assumed to be so, or that is of an otherwise non-insignificant size, such as comparable to the observable universe. B Portrayed as infinitely larger than lower-dimensional objects and spaces in the setting of a given work of fiction.

C Equivalent to a large extra dimensional space.The Dragon Ranking System was a system created by the ancients to rank Dragons with either their power or wisdom. The Divine Dragon, Kalosis the most powerful and wisest Dragon to ever exist and is said to be a God and is worshiped more than the Four Native Dragons. This spot is not able to be taken due to the fact that Kalos lives outside space and time.

Kalos is by far the most influential Dragon to exist. There are only two Arch Dragons, Whitewind, and Redtail. Both of them possess great power but Whitewind possess more wisdom while Redtail possess more power. These Dragon are not very well known and little know their true power. There are four of them and cannot be replaced since only four of these children were given the power of the Etherlink.

They have as much influence on the people as World Nobles. There are about King Dragons in existence and is the normal Dragon can rise to. These Dragons usually have Three Heads. These Dragons are usually follow around a King Dragon and there are about of them in existence they can move up to King. Common Dragons are Dragons that are the most common and are the starting place for all Dragons. The number of these Dragons are quite high For Dragons.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Hurlocksgenlocks and an ogre. The darkspawn are a race of humanoid tainted creatures that mostly dwell in the underground of Thedas. They are believed to be soulless.

The darkspawn are perhaps the single greatest threat to all of Thedas; they are bloodthirsty, exceptionally numerous and willing to indiscriminately kill or corrupt all in their path. According to the Chantrythey were created when the Magisters Sidereal of the Tevinter Imperium opened a portal into the Golden Citytainting the realm of the Maker with their corruption and returning as the first darkspawn, their evil transfiguring them into the monsters they became.

The taint they carried infected others, turning them into darkspawn as well. With their increased numbers, the first darkspawn went underground and dug deeper and deeper into the earth until they found the resting place of the Old God Dumatwhere he had been imprisoned.

dragon god system wiki

Freed from his prison and warped by the taint the darkspawn bore, Dumat became the first of the Archdemons and led the darkspawn to lay waste to the world in what would become known as the First Blight. The dwarves give little credit to Chantry beliefs, but they themselves have no known origin story for the darkspawn.

According to Dorian Pavus and Fenrismagisters deny their involvement in starting the Blight. They claim the darkspawn have always existed and the magisters have no connection to them. Slaves are not regaled with a Tevinter version of the Chant of Lightso Fenris could not confirm if there is an official Imperial Chantry stance beyond typical Tevinter opinion. With the fall of the Golden City and the beginning of the First Blight in Ancient TEa dark age descended onto Thedas as the darkspawn rampaged across the continent, destroying everything in their path.

The Tevinter Imperium suffered greatly, becoming severely weakened and fractured under the strain of the invasion, while the subterranean empire of the dwarves was laid waste, with only their four major kingdoms Orzammar, GundaarHormak and Kal-Sharok surviving.

After nearly a century of hopeless, unending war, the Order of the Grey Wardens was established at Weisshaupt Fortress in Ancient TEand proved instrumental in the defeat of the Archdemon Dumat at the Battle of the Silent Plains.

The darkspawn invasion had been beaten, but the darkspawn would retreat underground to rebuild and recover.

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Over the centuries, four more Blights would occur, the latest occurring in Dragon. Each time, the Blight would be stopped with heavy losses, with the darkspawn destroying entire cities or even kingdoms before being beaten back by the nations of Thedas and the Grey Wardens.

With the exception of Anderfelsdarkspawn appearances on the surface most frequently promote fears of a Blight, however this does not occur until an Archdemon is awakened by the darkspawn. Without an Archdemon leading them, darkspawn hordes are much smaller and less effective in the raids they often launch, but are still dangerous. However, that is not the case in the underground, as the dwarves have been constantly fighting a losing battle against the darkspawn for more than a millennium.

This has resulted in the underground of Thedas being almost entirely controlled by darkspawn with the exception of what remains of the kingdoms of Orzammar and Kal-Sharok. Some thaigs have been recently reclaimed, but at heavy costs to the dwarves. Script found in the Wonders of Thedas which provides an analysis on genlocks.

Darkspawn are described as pale creatures with strange blackness bleeding out of their eyes and mouths. The darkspawn have good vision in the darkness [14] but they're weaker at sunlight. Even during the Blights, when the sun is hidden by ominous clouds as a result of blight magicthe darkspawn are still weaker and more timid by daylight than they are at night.

As a species, the darkspawn are asexual and unable to reproduce. This task is left to a specific form of ghoulreferred to as broodmothers. Captured female prisoners are infected with the taint and are force-fed darkspawn tissue and vomit. Those that survive this process undergo a horrific transformation and become massively swollen creatures that exist to breed more darkspawn. The newborn darkspawn will inevitably fight amongst themselves and try to kill each other, possibly by instinct.

This serves to weed out the weaker darkspawn. Occasionally one young darkspawn will be so much more powerful than the rest that it kills the entire brood.The System Lord hierarchy displayed on a Tok'ra device. The System Lords are the dozen or so of the ruling class in the Goa'uld hierarchy, who function as the leadership of the Goa'uld Empire.

Usually the System Lords assume the persona of a god and rule many worlds by force through their armies of Jaffa warriors, and with a few Goa'uldnotably Rahuman warriors. The Goa'uld's main weakness is their feudal nature. Although they will reluctantly unite to defend against outside threats such as the Asgard or the Tau'rithey battle among themselves for supreme domination. The greatest danger has been the threat of a single Goa'uld rising to dominant power and taking over the System Lord collective.

One such instance is when Sokar had amassed a huge army and planned to launch a massive attack against six key System Lords, which would have overthrown the balance of power in the galaxy. However, Sokar was eliminated by the actions of the Tok'rawho blew up Netu.

Apophis then took control of Sokar's empire and continued his plan until he and his new forces were defeated by an alliance of the Tau'ri and the Tok'ra. Membership among the System Lords has changed greatly throughout the millennia. Membership is decided by the High Council of System Lordsa rare gathering of their membership. Though they constantly warred amongst themselves for power, they did work together when it suited them.

They rarely trust each other, and very frequently battle amongst themselves, only holding council with regards to a mutual external or internal threat. Stargate SG1 : " Summit ". The Tok'ra usually try to keep the System Lords balanced so that no single System Lord can completely overpower the others.

The Asgard also follow this strategy. After the fall of SokarApophis gained control of his forces instead. The shift in power resulted in Apophis and Heru'ur commanding the two largest armies of the Goa'uld.

An alliance between them would overwhelm the System Lords; a war between them would decimate both sides and return the balance of power to the System Lords. Apophis and Heru'ur agreed to meet in the neutral territory of the Tobin system to discuss an alliance, however Apophis deceived his enemy, destroyed Heru'ur, and took control of his forces, giving him command of the largest of the Goa'uld armies. Apophis lost a portion of his fleet, however, when SG-1 created a supernova from the sun of Vorashand Apophis himself was killed when his ship was infiltrated by Replicators and forced to crash into the planet Delmak.

The Hasara space stationa meeting place for the System Lords. With the deaths of RaHathorSeteshSokarHeru'urCronusand now Apophis at the hands of the Tau'ri and Tok'ra, the old order had fallen, and the resultant void created a power vacuum that the remaining System Lords fought to exploit. The remaining seven System Lords, Ba'alBastetKaliMorriganOlokunSvarogand Yudeclared a truce and arranged a summit on a space station in the neutral territory of the Hasara System to discuss the establishment of a new order.

Threatened by the reemergence and increasing power of Anubisthe System Lords voted to return Anubis to the status of System Lord, and they formed an uneasy alliance to confront their greatest challenges: dissent and disbelief within the Jaffa ranks, infiltration and subversion by the Tok'raand the threat from the Tau'ri of Earth. However, as Anubis consolidated his power, he rose to a position of supreme domination capable of overtaking the System Lord collective, and the alliance began to crumble.

SG1 : " Summit ", " Last Stand ". Armed with the power of the six artifacts known as the Eyes of the Goa'uldAnubis defeated the collective forces of the System Lords, led by Yuand was left in possession of a powerful weapon that gave him clear superiority.

As Anubis used his power to decimate the forces of the System Lords, SG-1 devised a plan to eliminate his superweapon, and Yu pledged to bring the full force of the remaining System Lords against him. However, with Yu's mental competence failing, Ba'al took command instead and led a combined force of the System Lords against Anubis at Kelowna.

Although Anubis escaped, his forces were defeated, and Ba'al rapidly began consolidating his power, taking control of the United Alliance of System Lordsa alliance for which Stargate Command was partially responsible. SG1 : " Full Circle ", " Fallen ".The God of the Bible was originally known by the name of Yehowahwhich only a select few are aware of, and is the older brother of Andromeda.

The God of the Bible's appearance is relatively unknown to almost all Angels, except for Metatron, his favorite human who restored his faith in humanity, his sister Andromeda, the Cardinal Archangels, Azazel, who caught his visage by pure chance, and Lucifer. He is essentially formless, made shape only by concept, but for the sake of his children, he adopted a physical form, appearing as a young male with white hair and icy blu eyes, wearing clothes made purely of white, which encompass his entire being, sans his head.

A silver mask is also present in his attire, which hides his form away from those who seek to know his face. As a being that came into existence by the concepts of pure, virtuous morality, the God of the Bible is a kind, heartwarming individual, and a benevolent entity that very rarely intervenes in the affair of humans, and loves all of his creations, without exceptions.

That said, he does not mingle with many often, and only a bare number of Angels have ever truly seen him, as he usually has a familiar bring messages. According to Andromeda in her musings while in the Abyss, the God of the Bible is very shy, enough so that he can barely stand to be in front of someone without feeling embarrassed. He was able to overcome this shyness in time, but still retained his reclusive nature, feeling self conscious about the form he took.

There was a time when he had become disappointed in humans, which he created based on a mere whim, the decline in faith becoming apparent when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge after becoming tempted by Andromeda, who appeared to them in the guise of a snake. He became further displeased when they had started to fall prey to his sister's mechanations, and had lost all hope in them until he caught notice of Enoch, a human who, from day to night, prayed with all of his heart, and followed only the virtues and commandments with extreme vigor.

As a result of his tremendous faith, the God of the Bible had been rekindled in his faith for humans, enough so that he invited Enoch to Heaven, and later, reincarnated him as an Angel known as Metatron, who would later act as his voice.

In regards to his sister, Andromeda, he is naturally at odds with her, as she exists by the concepts opposing his, "selfish," "dark," and "sin. According to Andromeda, she herself enjoyed having a sibling, but was irritated by his good nature.

Such feelings would later intensify when he had become the God of the Bible, and she, the Darkness, and progenitor of demons and beasts. He viewed her as a horrible person in later years, enough so that he would stop at nothing to permanently end her, a sentiment shared by his sibling.

Above all else, God of the Bible holds only love for his creations, especially the angels, who were born under the concept of "holy" and "righteousness. He also felt guilt when he casted Lucifer into the Underworld, becoming directly responsible for the birth of the Great Devil King.

Even though he stated that he viewed Lucifer as a danger, he still considered her his child. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Though you are a Devil, you are still my daughter. And remember this, you are the Morning Star, the light that guides humanity.

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