God of war 2 game size

God of War is an action-adventure video game series, the first era of which was loosely based on Greek mythology. Debuting inthe series has become a flagship title for the PlayStation brand and the character Kratos is one of its most popular characters.

The series consists of eight games across multiple platforms; the first seven make up the Greek era of the series. God of War: BetrayalGod of War: Ascensionand God of War are the only installments that have not been remastered for a newer platform or included in a collection. Each collection was praised for how the games were remastered, as well as their price.

Although the Origins Collection was criticized for its lack of new bonus content, IGN said that "Sony succeeded at making good games better. It was released as a stand-alone in Australia on April 29 [3] and in Europe on April God of War and God of War II were ported by Bluepoint Games and feature high-definition p anti-aliased graphics at 60 frames per second and Trophies.

First place prize was a copy of God of War Collection signed by the development team. Winners were announced in December God of War Collection received critical acclaim from critics. The PlayStation 3 version received critical acclaim. IGN gave the game an "Editor's Choice" Award, praised the enhanced resolutions, lower price point, and smoother frame rates, and stated it was the "definitive way to play the game". It was announced at the Sony press conference at E3 and was ported by Ready at Dawnthe developer of the PlayStation Portable games.

God of War: Origins Collection features native p high-definition video, anti-aliased graphics at 60 frames per second, DualShock 3 rumble features, Trophies[27] and is the only God of War release to feature Stereoscopic 3D. God of War: Origins Collection received positive reviews from critics. It received a score of IGN stated, "Sony succeeded at making good games better" and that it "acts as a time lapse experiment for players to get a really good look at how a developer evolves from one game to another.

The games retain the same features as their first PS3 releases. The collection also includes exclusive bonus content and a voucher for a one-month trial of PlayStation Plus. Blog ran a weekly countdown of the top five God of War epic moments as voted by the God of War Facebook community. The Omega Collection features three Blu-ray discs, as opposed to two, with Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta included on the third disc.

It also includes a SteelBook game case with exclusive artwork and a limited edition bronze statue of Kratos, created by an Argentine artist.Ready for fight? This is the start line of a legend who wants to be an unstoppable hero. Kratos is the main character at this game who is a member of Spartan. When the story gets started, Kratos falls down a mountain at Greece.

But no one knows why he did that. So, You travel to three weeks before to discover it. You get an important duty to kill a god named Ares. You should defeat thousands of guards who want to kill you with their powers.

Kratos has two special blades on his hands. Blades of Chaos is the name of that weapon.


It can be upgraded by earnings scores. But players have to learn how to use them. You should get enough skills in fighting to be a real God of War!

No one should be important for you. Power is the only thing that you want at this world! So, Players have to kill all of the enemies without paying attention to their families or such things. Kratos needs to be more powerful than he was at first. So, Try to do your best and make him an honorable fighter. But the beginner players need to experience fights for some hours to be skilled enough.

This version is just a ported of PlayStation 2 version. Direct Download Link. You must be logged in to post a comment. Again I share password start from www. And then simply freegamesdl. Password start from First type 1 www. Then type without space this 2 freegamesdl.

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god of war 2 game size

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god of war 2 game size

Human Fall Flat.First released on March 22,for the PlayStation 2 PS2 console, it is the first installment in the series of the same name and the third chronologically. Loosely based on Greek mythologyit is set in ancient Greece with vengeance as its central motif. The player controls the protagonist Kratosa Spartan warrior who serves the Olympian Gods. The goddess Athena tasks Kratos with killing Aresthe God of War and Kratos' former mentor who tricked Kratos into killing his wife and daughter.

As Ares besieges Athens out of hatred for Athena, Kratos embarks on a quest to find the one object capable of stopping the god once and for all: Pandora's Box.

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The gameplay of God of War focuses on combo-based combat, achieved through the player's main weapon—the Blades of Chaos—and a secondary weapon acquired later in the game. It features quick time events that require the player to complete various game controller actions in a timed sequence to defeat stronger enemies and bosses. The player can use up to four magical attacks and a power-enhancing ability as alternative combat options. It also features puzzles and platforming elements.

god of war 2 game size

God of War sold more than 4. Regarded as one of the best action-adventure games for the platform, it won several "Game of the Year" awards. It has been highly praised for its graphics, sound, story, and gameplay and has been hailed as one of the greatest video games ever made. Success of the game led to the development of seven more games and expansion into other media.

A novelization of the game was published in May and a film adaptation has been in development since God of War is a third-person single player action-adventure video game with hack and slash elements, viewed from a fixed camera perspective. The player controls the character Kratos in combo-based combatplatformingand puzzle game elements, and battles Greek mythological foes that include undead soldiers, harpiesminotaursMedusa and the Gorgonscyclopeswraiths, Sirenssatyrscentaurscerberusesand boss opponents—the Hydra and a giant minotaur known as Pandora's Guardian.

Some puzzles are simple, such as moving a box so that the player can use it as a jumping-off point to access a pathway unreachable with normal jumping, but others are more complex, such as finding several items across different areas of the game to unlock one door. Throughout the game world, the player finds green, red, and blue chests that contain orbs of the corresponding color.

Green orbs replenish the player's healthblue orbs replenish magicand red orbs provide experience for upgrading weapons and magic and replenish the Rage meter, which, if full, allows for the usage of the Rage of the Gods ability.

Red orbs are also collected by killing foes and destroying certain inanimate objects. Kratos' main weapon is the Blades of Chaos: a pair of blades attached to chains wrapped around the character's wrists and forearms.With God of War 's release date drawing close, more information has been coming out regarding the title.

One piece of information recently revealed is the game's file size, which looks to be nearly as epic as the game itself. The install size for God of War comes in at just under 45GB, which has been seen before on some more recent titles. This file size may not be worrisome to some gamers who have a larger internal hard drive or have an external hard drive for their PS4, but those who still have a GB one may need to delete some games to make space for God of War.

For those who are looking to upgrade their PS4, or pick one up for the first time, a limited edition PS4 Pro is coming out for the game, as well. It is worth noting this file size is for both physical retail copies, as well as digital. The new setting is not the only thing to change with the newest game, either, as this entry sees Kratos going on a quest with his son in tow.

Kratos has also ditched his chain blades in favor of a more Nordic-themed weapon, the Leviathan Axe.

god of war 2 game size

The change in scenery will also bring a change in enemies, as well. No longer will Kratos be battling beasts like minotaurs or harpies. Instead, he will face off against the likes of trolls and draugr, both of which have their places in Norse mythology. A recently released video, which highlighted exploration of the game's worldshowcased an enounter with a troll, as well. The new title also ditches the panned out camera view of the previous entries in lieu of an over-the-shoulder third person perspective, similar to titles like The Last of Us or Uncharted.

Zooming in this close should let players feel like they're in the middle of the visceral combat sequences the series is known for.

[200MB] God Of War 2 Highly Compressed PPSSPP Damon PS2

From a performance standpoint, there have been a few other improvements made, as well. The developers stated the game will not feature loading screens and will also offer a performance mode on PS4 Pro. Plautz Apr 03, Share Tweet Email 0. Share Tweet Email 0.

God Of War 2 version for PC - GamesKnit

Apex Legends Season 2 Vs. Fortnite Season Which is Better?It is an impressive Third-Person Adventures video game. This game was Release On 25 Oct This Post specially made for computer download, go to footer download link and Download to your PC.

It has many fans throughout the globe. The new graphics given to it by the developers are superb.

History/Evolution of God Of War (2005-2018)

God Of War 3 runs very smooth giving us 60fps which is very great. Kratos is the hero of the game and has a lot of power to fight with any kind of monsters in the game he can get points from the enemies and after that, a player can upgrade every kind of skills of him. Greater the skills stronger will be the Kratos. The background story of the main character is that he is a very brutal selfish kind of person who killed many happy families Ares is one of the false Gods who tricked Kratos and he killed his wife and child in the revenge he killed Ares.

God of War 3Kratos has to justify his protagonist hunger of violence. This game starts with an outstanding storyline afterward he tears off the head of Helios which is great after that he ripped off the leg of Hermes from the body and in the end, he punches the false god named Zeus.

The story is great, Graphics are awesome whole new features everything is good in the game just like in the previous edition of God of War. The only PC God of War 3 is full free gameplay and enjoy. Screen Shots:. God of War 3 Trailer. You Can Also Download:. Action Games Adventure Games. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.The player controls the protagonist Kratos, a new God of War for pc, old, dead Ares.

Kratos betrayed by Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, which deprives him of his divinity and kill him. Slowly dragged into the underworld, he is saved by the Titan Gaia, who was charged to find the target sisters because they can help you avoid time travel to betrayal and revenge against Zeus.

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