Naruto si fanfic

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The Forge's Fire (Naruto SI)

I just want to do my own thing of it. May have some Biju Biju Fruit similarities but I've never read that story. I just know the title and it's general summary. After Sasori dies, his soul doesn't go to the Pure Land, it goes directly to an island retreat hosting a Fishing Tournament. Somehow, he's roped into competing.

Tobirama and Izuna are not, in fact, very good wing men. Mito is trying to be a wingwoman in their stead. Orochimaru's failed attempt to destroy the Leaf only strengthens his resolve. His forces are building, it is only a matter of time before he tries again. Tsunade is the Fifth Hokage and her elite are dropping around her like flies. Is it Orochimaru, or the Akatsuki? She sends several of the Rookie 9 out to investigate. When her own apprentice Sakura Haruno is attacked and poisoned, she is saved by the person she least expected and her world is turned upside down.

Who do you trust in a world where no one is who they seem? Sakura struggles to find answers in places no one ever thought she would go, least of all her, and Team 7 will never again be the cute little Genin they once were. Life happens, people change, some die, some grow stronger, some grow closer, while others grow farther and farther apart until they spiral out of control. Naruto curses under his breath, nose still catching the scent of the men following them.

Sasuke reminds Naruto of what was as they travel to their Final Battle. You are Yuu Namai, an omega in your world. You decide to go on a trip with your friend Toboe and his pack. After an uncomfortable confrontation, you find yourself mindlessly wandering the forest. You cry out to whoever may be near, and just when you are about to give up, you are found by a certain silver haired Ninja.

It had been raining ceaselessly. Temari watched the lush green grass as it danced in the pouring onslaught. She heard the gate being snapped open and went out to have a look. On this season of Blood, Sand, and a Punch to the Face: Gaara has overcome his insanity, and found new life in his role as Kazekage of the Sand Village. Things have settled down under his rule, and the alliance between The Sand and The Leaf villages has only grown. Peace has fallen upon his quiet home. That is until Shukaku, the One-Tailed Demon, tears himself free of Gaara's control in a bid to destroy everything his host loves.

It's up to the shinobi of the Leaf Village; Rock Lee, Kakashi, Neji, and Sakura, to rescue the lost Kazekage and restore peace to their people before it's too late. Pain, sorrow, and love await our heroes. Can they overcome the challenges ahead of them? It's so good!Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: Angelicsailor - Stories: 23 - Followers: 0 - id: Sakura's, a good amount of SI! OC Self-Insert! Original Character most if not all are from a female perspective, though I do have a few male ones that are good, private message me if you would like another community for males also if you find a good one that's not in the community please tell me!

Chains by Kayo-San reviews A person who can't remember how she died, or when she died, woke up one day as Haruno Sakura. More importantly, this person knew nothing of the Naruto Universe.

OC Insert-as-Sakura. Someone not exactly out to save the world, someone unknowing of the assumed future and mostly, drags her chains along, trying to survive. Introspective Fic, Gen. Erasing Impossibility by natanije reviews With the belief that reincarnation is a plausible thing to happen, I wasn't exactly surprised to find myself being reborn. However, surprise took place when I found myself being reborn as Nohara Rin out of all people.

Perhaps fate had a strange sense of humour. But nevertheless; I am Rin and I'm definitely screwed. Now, I have to decide what I want to do with this second chance at life. Decisions decisions Life's A Game by leila'leilu reviews You can't put a twenty-eight-year-old ridiculously competitive academic into one of the most prestigious clans containing more ridiculously competitive academics and expect nothing to go drastically wrong.

An Everlasting Flame by ToeGirth reviews Usually when one thinks of life after death they think of heaven or hell. They definitely dont think about being reborn, let alone in the world of Naruto. This was going to be interestingWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. My take on the Naruto universe and lore, a world where there is a distinct line between the elite and the rest, where the Uchiha clan is facing consequences of their blood, where the Senju clan is still well and alive with active members, where Tsunade never left Konoha A world that is not black and white, a world where growing up sometimes means killing people In order to kickstart myself into writing regularly and beat up writer's block, I've made a long lost of OTP prompts.

The first chapter is the list - the second chapter is a list of characters and ships from a handful of fandoms that I'm comfortable writing. If you claim a character, it'll be a reader insert. Leave a comment on either the first or second chapter to claim a prompt.

You're welcome to inquire about other fandoms, characters, and ships, but don't be upset if I don't take them. It took me a long time to compile this list, because there are a lot of fandoms I'm no longer in and a lot of characters within my fandoms that I'm not comfortable writing. Ahora, un nuevo ninja ha llegado a la Villa. Se trata del miembro de un clan milenario extinto. Tento forces Boruto to invite the rest of Team 7 over for a game of Monopoly. Hilarity ensues?

Hinata is an artist crushed under the weight of an artist block. She visits the Konohagakure Pleasure Park in hopes of inspiration and fun. She meets Sakura, a cam girl who works part time at the museum within the park. Hinata asks Sakura to be her muse and it all starts from there. Doing nude art will never be the same. Detectives Haruno and Uchiha are always at each other's throats. But when the past comes back to haunt Sasuke, literally, can they put their differences aside and work together?

Detective SasuSaku. Inspired by Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Barely even friends then somebody bends unexpectedly. Just a little change, small to say the least, both are little scared neither one prepared - Beauty and the Beast". The dead speak of things that are best left unheard. Sakura grew up knowing these things that the world wanted to let die. He wants to apply for the position as Head of the Academy knowing he could do a lot of good for the academy and its students.

But that would also result in having to work more closely with the Hokage, and Iruka wanted to stay away from the man as much as possible. Naruto dislikes how Shikamaru is overworking himself and knows just the right way to force Shikamaru to take a break. Sakura goes on a B-rank before Naruto and Sasuke and all she wants to do is pretend she's still a normal kid. It isn't necessarily a better world, but he quickly learns that despite that, there is a price for everything.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

As the Sea calls by MoonRaven reviews 'Nautical Mile' was a ridiculous name if you live in desert. But it was derived from family tradition. And it was her new name. New name, new life, new family In a world of ninjas that wasn't canon after all.

naruto si fanfic

Now, if only she'd get that promotion. Dreaming of Sunshine fic. I hope you like. That Distant Life by RavensChrome reviews Life was strange and having another life to sort through was even stranger. Other people's memories meant absolutely nothing but they still teach the inexperienced, to help them go through life easier.

That didn't help Torito Yuu deal with a life he barely remembers though, it mostly gave him dizzy spells and a companion that was much of an asshole as he was. A Murder by Mewrlise reviews "I don't want to save the world, I don't particularly care about it if I'm allowed to be honest.

Even if it means her hands are soaked in blood and her eyes a window to her pain. She has made bonds in this life. And she is determined to protect them even at the cost of herself. Making up your mind about things?

naruto si fanfic

Going on long tangents about secret crushes concerning a certain raven-haired boy? Nothing an Inner can't help you with! Falling by jiemae reviews What would you do if a demon gave you a second chance? The other, indescribable amidst its clandestine horrors.

Whispered Nothings by strawberry and creme reviews In which a sick little girl changes absolutely nothing and everything. Bloodless by Tavina reviews "Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it. No one with power stumbles through life with bloodless hands. Still, a girl has to protect her pack somehow, and if that means that I must live with the taste of blood on my tongue then so be it.

Somehow, Hana's got to figure her way out of the end of the world How much of herself is she willing to give up to keep them safe? SI, Inuzuka style. Sharpening Stones by Sublimey reviews Iwa made him their Jinchuuriki. It was only a matter of time before they realized Kenta would never be what anyone asked for. Unless you were Deidara Male!

naruto si fanfic

Pinwheels of Red and Black by Mirimel reviews What would you do if you were in the world of ninja? How would you react? What would you change? How would you do it?Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Founder: marmaroth - Stories: 77 - Followers: - id: I've been here for over a decade, so some of the stories I don't think are great anymore, but keep here for nostalgia's sake. Happy reading! Clarity by ElectraSev5n reviews It's all about your perspective, really. She may have been kidnapped by a lunatic, or this might be an interesting new employment opportunity.

She'll hang around for now- she doesn't have anything better to do. I don't recommend starting here, I really don't. It Ends At Dawn by KannaKyomu reviews She couldn't remember if she was a little girl, a grown woman, or some kind of wild beast.

All she wants is what everyone wants- a purpose, a reason to be. The day she meets the man who embodies the ocean, is the day she chooses the path she will take in this life. Because it wasn't about her. Maybe it never was. To Kill a Bull by Discoabc reviews "At least the other clan kids of the series had something to protect themselves with practically from birth. Sakura was blessed with the oh so helpful gift of a larger than average forehead.

I refused to be that remedy. Fade to Black by iaso reviews Kasumi Kurosawa thought she had gotten lucky. She was reborn as the daughter of a farming couple, all the way on the outskirts of Fire Country and far from Konoha. She thought she had a peaceful, safe life ahead of her. She was wrong, of course, because things are never that easy - that didn't mean she had to be happy about it, though.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Founder: MythicShadows - Stories: - Followers: 82 - id: Also includes excellent time travel stories and stories of AUs-dimension hopping. Or in other words, ways to mess up canon. Enjoy your readings.

Naruto fanfic: Calor (nuevo fic) [LEMON] CAP 1

They were wrong. For Asura and Indra, it should never have come this far, and the brothers were going to make sure it never would The sharingan and it's capabilities when it comes to space and time are largely unexplored. The sharingan has many techniques that, with enough training, the wielder can control.

The Jikan Phenomenon is not one of them. Long brown hair thrown in disarray. There's dark patches, hair clumped together where it had been resting in blood. His skin is pale, but not to the degree that his had been. For some reason, Sasuke was staring at Uchiha Izumi's face with his eyes. Sasuke-centric Time Travel with bonus bodyswap. He didn't live through it, however. He was never supposed to live through it.

And yet, he snorts, here he finds himself. Sasuke-centric Time Travel One-Shot. Unchanging by The Cat's Paw reviews She fell from the sky and into their lives, with a determination to return home.

Can anything, or anyone, convince her to stay? Formerly one sided MadaSaku, now reciprocated. Time travel. Time Traveller! Sakura, ROOT! Sakura, Mokuton!

The Forge's Fire (Naruto SI)

A Shinobi's Vow by sparkleofhope reviews Sometimes strength means fighting for a dream that no one can see but you. For Sakura, that dream was Team 7 back togheter. Neverthless to say, Tsunade of the Sannin didn't teach quitters.

Solipsistic by Riya3 reviews A tale of the Uchiha coup, and what it takes to save their clan. Troublesome Timing by frznlights reviews Shikamaru didn't know if it was time travel or reincarnation. But between memories of the future and having Itachi and Sasuke as brothers, he knew his dreams of a simple life would be impossible. Or: The best idea I had for motivating Shikamaru to interact with Itachi.

A not entirely lazy Nara and a whole world of potential.

Starts with canon for a while, generally veering off the tracks as we go. Finally having realized his mistakes, Sasuke is about to pass away when fate offers him a second chance as he seemingly gets sent back in time to atone for his sins. Except the world he wakes up to is not quite what he remembers Self-Insert SI!

The consequences outweighed the benefits and sometimes there was no gray area. Hands of Time by Duesal Bladesinger reviews The creation of an ascended being puts a strain on reality.

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