Yamaha sidewinder upgrades

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Sidewinder L-TX LE

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yamaha sidewinder upgrades

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Yamaha 2017: Everything You Need to Know About the Sidewinder M-TX SE Turbo

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Artillery SWX1 Printed Upgrades

Harley Tires back. Exhaust finder. Harley Exhaust back. Helmets back. Apparel back. Featured Harley Brands View All back. Get more Dennis Kirk. Shop by Discount back. Categories Accessories 4. Handguard Mounting Hardware 4. Body 7. Wire Harness - Chassis 1. Drivetrain Apr 8, 0. Mar 24, 0. Mar 19, 0. Until I took a test ride back in on the first year Apex, I had always scoffed at the idea of a 4-stroke powered sled. One ride was all it took for me to decide that the power band and other benefits of the Yamaha 4 stroke was all that I would ever need.

The new Viper looked intriguing to me at the time and after a couple test drives of the Viper I was impressed with the ride and handling, but I was left wanting more beans under the hood after being used to the power band of the Apex.

Aftermarket turbos and superchargers were never a consideration for me. Based on the stout and refined Arctic Cat ProCross chassis and powered by the newly designed from the ground up Yamaha motor that featured a factory installed turbo and Yamaha designed electronics, the sled that I had been anxiously waiting for was finally here as the new platform for my latest project.

Each of these projects was based on my personal passion of the sport and to build something unique using the different platforms as a foundation to show how you can create your own custom snowmobile for your favorite riding area and style. Where to start? This project sled is all about creating the ultimate 4 stroke trail-taming beast that I could build starting with the new Yamaha SideWinder with the cc 3 cylinder 4 stroke Genesis turbo engine. I wanted to show how to take an already great platform to the next level by showcasing various aftermarket products.

This sport is all about fun and by choosing to make some enhancements to your sled you can greatly increase the fun factor along with making your own sled unique. After recently celebrating my sixth birthday with a zero in it I wanted to make sure I chose the best SideWinder for my riding style and favorite riding areas. My wife and I have found the best riding area for our style is the Keweenaw area in the western U.

The trails in this area are very diverse and also have an outstanding grooming effort, but what makes this area our favorite is the long riding season and the copious amount of snow that falls each season. And snows. This is six times the amount that usually falls in the surrounding areas to the south, thus the riding starts early and lasts late, with plenty of fresh in-between.

One other decision to make was the dealer to order the sled from. Owner Kip McIntyre has put together an outstanding group of employees and he is also a passionate and seasoned snowmobiler.Browse Yamaha Snowmobiles. View our entire inventory of New or Used Yamaha Snowmobiles. Millions of buyers are looking for their next snowmobile on Snowmobile Trader this month!

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2017 to 2020 Sidewinder and SRX

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yamaha sidewinder upgrades

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Choose a city or Choose no city City Any city. See 0 matches. Adventure Motorsports Monroe, WA.Above all we are proud to showcase our brand new facilities focused on snowmobile engine enrichment. The research and development facilities at Hurricane can help you get a competitive edge by providing research, advanced development and testing for serious engine development.

Using the one-of-a-kind scope of the Hurricane Performance facility can make your research project a success. Email Address. Let's Go! Hurricane Power. FInd out More. Push limits with Power Sports Performance parts for your racing machine.

View Store. You can now get your own Hurricane Performance apparel. Use the Calculator. Dave's service has been excellent. He always picks up his phone when you need him and he's always willing to help.

I would recommend Hurricane Performance to Anyone. Good evening Dave. Dave - just put initial 40 miles on my Thundercat running your race, new trail muffler and clutch weights. It's been below zero where I've been riding. Sled runs flawless and sounds stock. Looking forward to getting the sled broken in so Love the Pipe, clutch weights and reflash. Made my Sidewinder an absolute trail beast!

Great service and fast shipping. Thanks Dave. Patrick Davis. Ran the Viper Power Upgrade kit for the first time today Dave. The Viper is a whole new whip! Thanks Dave! And thanks to Darren Clark for the install! John Render. Have a Question? Select your currency.Apr 8, 0. Mar 24, 0. Mar 19, 0. Last year we told you how Yamaha was cutting their production, both in the number of models being offered and total number of sleds being built. For Yamaha had cut the total number of models down to 12 vs.

Looking at the Yamaha line-up we find some new models, some returning models, and a couple that are not going to be offered for There will be no new M-TX mountain sleds, at least for this year. And in a show of strength, we have some all-new models and configurations for Grand Touring you ask? These are both premium models that are perfectly suited for the high mileage rider who values performance luxury, but still is a sporty and fast rider. Think miles per day, or riding 7 hours per day up in Quebec and you get the target rider here.

Built for the rider who places high value in the shock package performance, handling and wind protection. One who wants a balanced machine with speed, comfort and luxury. One who takes multiple long trips each season, maybe even riding for a week at a time. The 2-up seat comes off in seconds for those looking for the long track trail sled with the range to tackle the really long rides between fuel stops.

One new entry is the addition of the cc two-stroke Transporterpreviously sold in Europe but now being offered in North America. The rest of the models for have been changed or significantly enhanced. They cared less about long travel and big bump capability. Yamaha has not used the black-out color scheme for an SRX since back in the s, so this is a special treat indeed.

yamaha sidewinder upgrades

Unique to the SRX is the suspension package with lowered ride height. The dual rate front and center springs provide lower preload with same final force at end of stroke. The rear torsion springs also reduce the preload with the same final force at end of stroke.

This gives us an equally balanced machine, front and rear. New this year on many of the s is an ARCS Advanced Roll Center Suspension which features a new spindle and upper a-arm that places the roll center of the machine closer to the center of gravity, shortening the moment arm for even flatter cornering from an already excellent cornering machine.

A handlebar switch allows the rider to vary the suspension calibration automatically. Instead of having 3 modes for there are 2 new modes, driver 1 and driver 2, which allow you to custom tailor differences in the settings between the front and rear suspensions. If you would like to have the rear set firmer than the front you can now do this. So, in total you can have five unique settings instead of only the 3 of soft, medium and firm.

Feature-wise this sled is very similar to the S-RX but the L-TX LE has straight rate springs instead of the dual-rate springs so it sits slightly taller and has a bit more travel than the S-RX, making it more of a bump sled and less of the all-out top speed demon. All of these machines now come with a push-button electric start and magnetic tether system forand the SRViper models have also made the migration to the new Sidewinder-style bodywork and side panels.If you have a Arctic Cat ProClimb and you want to upgrade it to the Ascender hood and panels, then this is the best way to upgrade your machine!

New Special Pricing! Stainless Steel and Titanium. Looking for a great way to add some horsepower, drop some weight, and make your machine sound great?

The free flowing muffler adds a nice amount of rumble without being too loud. It's a very Looking for a great way to add some Performance tunes: Fueling revised for maximum power and torque, Rev limit raised, Speed limit raised, Spark timing optimized for octane fuel, Cooling fan engagement temperature lowered and Revised drive by wire tables. Performance tunes: Fueling revised Our aluminum version is much less weight and very strong.

We have many helix options available. If you don't see the angle you want in our drop down menu, then select "custom angle" in the drop down menu and tell us what angle you want in the message section We have 3 different secondary springs for the Polaris P90X secondary clutch.

Make sure to pick the correct one from the drop We have 3 different secondary springs Fits models. These headlights even come complete with the bulbs Brand New take off Headlight from a Brand New take off oil pump from a new Arctic Cat This pump will work with engine reverse too. Save huge!! Brand New take off oil pump from a We have two different rate torsion springs.

We use these I our torsion spring clutch kits for the diamond drives and Arctic Cat Driven clutches. They will fit the old style stock Arctic Cat driven clutch too. We have two different rate torsion Diamond drive seal kit for models.

Diamond drive seal kit for This simple kit supplies you with all of the roller bearings in the Diamond Drives. Don't forget to order your seal kit and lube at the same time. This version is for models, and models with engine reverse. This simple kit supplies you with all ROCK Performance Rollers are made from engineering grade plastics designed to withstand continuous exposure to elevated temperatures and severe stress conditions.

The Anti-Slop 2. BDX has a developed a new replacement Our laser cut and plated spacer plate, new base gasket, longer heavy duty bolts, and cylinder guide spacers. See the full description below.This muffler is insulated like the stock muffler to avoid heating problems inside the plastic fairings. The baro pressure is about kPa at sea level, and the turbo pressure The total pressure will then be kPa. At meter elevation, the baro pressure is 90 kPa.

The turbo pressure will then be 75 kPa, so the total pressure will still be kPa. Is it actually more relevant to talk about total pressure than turbo pressure, so we will do that in the rest of the text below. The back pressure of the stock muffler is O. K, and still, the power increase by installing a less restrictive muffler is rather much. Just by a switch to a racing muffler, the power at sea level goes up to hp.

At altitude, the total pressure will drop down to kPa again, and the power will be just over hp. We prefer to run rather rich to get as much safety limit as possible against detonation, so we aim for lambda 0, The MCX stage one kit will include our EFI-box that controls the fuel and the boost, and a racing muffler that is less restrictive. We have tested some different mufflers. All with low back pressure, but with different noise levels.

So with just some more electronics to avoid the boost safety system, we can rise the pressure more. To be able to do this, you need a license for the Tuner Studio software program.

Contact us for more info regarding this software if you are interested. Then you can do your own adjustments. If you want to make small changes of the total pressure, you can easily change the boost target at different rpm. And just before the engine hits the rpm limiter, it is often a good choice to lower the pressure to avoid the limiter. You can keep your android phone in your pocket and make datalogging, as you later can E-mail to yourself.

The compressor of the turbo will have to pump more the higher up you go if the power shall be the same. And the fuel system also need an update to reach more power. MCX Stage 1 upgrade kit with race muffler in aluminum. It is 1,3 kg lighter than stock. This muffler creates low back pressure in combination with very efficient noice reduction. MCX Stage 2 upgrade kit with race aluminum muffler.

These hoses can stand much higher heat and pressure compared to the stock air hoses. Choose between five different colors to match your sled.

MCX Stage 2 upgrade kit with race muffler in stainless steel. And it has great potential to be even stronger.

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