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Today, you get a range of options — from affordable to costly ones. And now, many companies have begun exploring the smart bulb segment, and Yeelight by Xiaomi is one of the most familiar players in the scene.

And if you have opted for a higher variant, you can even control the color. But now, the controls have extended beyond the confines of your smartphone. If you have a smart assistant like Google Home, you can connect the Yeelight bulbs and control them via simple voice commands. Yep, you read that right. No more business of fishing out your phone to do the necessary changes. With Google Home supporting a plethora of third-party services, now it's easy to link all your smart home products and keep everything under a single roof — be it your Xiaomi Air Purifiersmart plugs or your smart bulbs.

All you need to do is open the app and hit the right options. Or better, if you have a Google Home device within listening distance or if you've Google Assistant enabled. All you need to do is fire away from the commands.

Sounds, cool? Step 1: Voice commands on Yeelight smart bulbs work correctly when connected to the Singapore server. Hence, we'd need to change the server first. To do so, open the Yeelight app on your Android and open the left menu. Step 2: Now, open the Google Home app and tap on the Add icon. Tap on it to open the Xiaomi login page. This action will link your Xiaomi account and your Google Home account. Sign in using the same credentials that you used to sign-in to your Yeelights app.

Once the login is successful, the app will display all your connected Yeelight bulbs. Step 3 : Before you can enable the said bulb, you'd need to assign its room. That is because if you have more than one bulb, it makes it easy for Google Assistant to find a particular bulb. Simply tap on the Add to a Room button at the bottom.

If you've already linked other Xiaomi smart products to Google Home before, the old rooms will pop-up first. To adjust the brightness, tap on the bulb and drag the slider as per your liking. And if I am guessing right, nobody on their right mind would want to say, "Hey Google, turn Yeelight Color Bulb in the office off.

Tap on the bulb and then tap on the cog-shaped icon at the upper-right corner. Tap on Name to enter a new name. Now, to test using your voice, simply wake up your Assistant and say something along the lines of "Turn Ava in the office off.Xiaomi has made a string of incredibly useful products that benefits users.

That includes cable organizers, smart lamps, massagers and more. Today we go in-depth into the Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp. In the box you find the lamp a USB cable and instruction sheet. The tall cylindrical design is pleasing to the eyes.

Xiaomi smart lamp Philips Zhirui or that I hate Xiaomi! Review and setup!

The base of this smartlamp is made of aluminium and the bottom of the lamp has a rubber protection to protect from falls. But I have a small disagreement with this. So while you are searching for your phone in the morning, you can tip the Yeelight over.

Coming to the dome, it is frosted white, which means, you know you are going to get light that is curtailed. On top of the dome is the button that is minimalist in look and does not seem like there is a button there.

This is that sort of product that can be easily set-up in any room without affecting the design of the space. The cable that comes along with the Yeelight is not up to standard as it can be easily separated from the Yeelight if you happen to trip over it or give it a little nudge. It connects via Bluetooth and the only downside is it drains your battery. The maximum light that can emanate from the Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp is Lumens. It is a light source which gives a little bit of light for night time movement around your home.

There is a glowing in the night feature which lightens up your room to a certain extent in the dark. BUT, you have multiple connectivity options which takes the use case to the next level. You can also connect it to the Mi Band Smart Watch that lets you automate the device to switch off after a particular time, according to your choice.

The design and aesthetics and the quality of the materials are top class, but it fails to perform the basic functions you expect it to do. But on the contrary, there are numerous connectivity and automation options that you can perform with devices like the Mi Smart Band. Best Xiaomi Products Say Yes to Xiaomi! I can't resist the things they created or partner within their ecosystem.

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yeelight xiaomi

Featured Home Appliances.Most of the reviews I do on Best Xiaomi Products are for mostly functional products that help with automation or to improve your life considerably in some way or the other. Now and then I review a product that is based on design and looks more than its function. The Yeelight Candela fits that bit perfectly. Check out Best Yeelight Products we curated. First things first. The design of the Yeelight Candela is pretty awesome. You can easily carry it and it has a knob on top that can be turned to increase or decrease the luminosity of the light.

It weighs about grams, which is not too light and at the same time, not too heavy. It is 72mm in width and mm in height.

yeelight xiaomi

Now a lot of people when they see the Yeelight Candela for the first time, they see a glass encasing and wonder when that will break. Underneath the base is where the USB port is and also a switch to turn the light on and off. Inside the encasing, is another small cylindrical shaped light emitter. Coming to the setup and use. Like most Xiaomi products, the Yeelight Candela also works with the Yeelight smartphone app. You can use the app to turn the light on and off, you can control the brightness.

But this works only when you are in Bluetooth range. This is honestly a bit poor. It has 6. A lot of people had a concern about the luminosity of the Yeelight Candela. It has a k light temperature. It is not waterproof, so you need to ensure that it stays away from water. Another cool feature that Xiaomi has added is the Bluetooth inter-meshing between these devices.

This means, if you have two of these Yeelight Candelas and if you control one, the other one mimics the brightness level and settings level.

yeelight xiaomi

So if you have five or ten of these at your home, you can easily connect all of them together and control them simultaneously. You can have some pretty cool effects with this and it also works brilliantly as a prop or an ambient improving light in places like a spa or a reception etc.

The lighting is not too much. This is not meant to remove darkness, this is meant to make the darkness more bearable. So if you are looking to set the tone for a nice romantic evening or just have a nice warm tone at home, then this will work wonders.

As I mentioned earlier, the app control is pretty weak and I feel like Xiaomi has added this feature just because they add it to all their other products and did not want to ignore this device. But it plays no role. To summarize, the Yeelight Candela is not meant for shining light.

The battery life of the Yeelight Candela is pretty awesome with over 8 hours of life. The knob on top makes it easy to control the brightness.

Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp Price and Review

The app is a pretty big let down. Overall, this is a cool product to have around your house, especially great for romantic dinners. She loves all things Xiaomi and loves testing all their products. Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. Home Appliances. Table of Contents. You may also like.In general, this is a new product from our beloved company the Xiaomi. The device includes the latest features in it, including the ability to control the device from a smartphone via WiFi applications.

It can also glow in a variety of different color, blink to the music, change the aura of the interiorawestruck your guest and can be directly controlled by your voice commands. In this review, we are going to discuss the initial version of the tape with the controller you will get with the lights. However, you can also increase the length of it upto 10 meters with a constant power supply and controller.

With the controller and the application you can select the color you want to glow. The app also allows you to change the brightness and the rate of change of the glow. You can also set the preset scripts to auto adjust the color or glow the lightship or just create your own scenarios with the timers. One of the most significant change with the tape include the ability to have work with a number of different application. In addition to work with the native application of Yeelightthe lightstrip can also work with Mi Home.

The Xiaomi has planned this device with lots of thinking and very far-sightedly. On the sides of the box you can see the technical specifications of the device. After opening the box, the first thing you will get is the instruction manual in English and Chinese. From the instruction manual, you will get a general idea of the operation of the tape. The connecting wire is of half a meter with the controller and the lights.

The tape comes fix with the controller box and cannot be disconnected- the connecting joint is set with some sort of sealant. There are eight pieces of tapes you can connect, each measuring to be one meter in length. However, you have to buy extra tape separately. After connecting it with the extra tapes, you will get an overall length of ten meters in total.

The tapes are not waterproof, and these connectors are the reason behind that. The presence of connectors makes it only suitable for indoor use. The double-sided adhesive tapes are not disposable and can be easily worn off from the previous installation site and re-apply on another place you want. The adhesive tapes do not stick hardly to the Xiaomi lights but can be easily use again and again to hold on new surfaces without losing its sticking properties.

It comes attach with the wire and will never get lost. This is a simple solution to all tangling cables. Now with the help of these, you will never have to think twice about how to collect the excess wire after placing the tapes. On the back side of the controller, you can see some specifications about the device, including the MAC address and two sets of double-sided tape for easy installation on any surface.

On the front side of the controller, you will get a LED light, displaying the status of tape. However, then it will be unclear whether the power is connected or not, but there is such an opportunity. Xiaomi has also improves the power socket this time to make it usable with any type of outlets. The design of the plug comes with an option to change to the nozzle so that you can adapt it to different kinds of sockets.

The specification of the charger indicates its ability to provide 24 volts at 1-ampere load. It is pretty good for a tape around 10 meters in length and with consumption around The charger weights quite a bit.This application can control Yeelight lighting devices through Windows Cortana by voice, devices can be divided into groups, personal voice command can be costumized.

Conditions of Use: 1. You have Yeelight smart light bulbs 2. Opened the "geek mode" for lamp 3. Let Cortana respond to "Hey Cortana" Use: 1. Open the APP and set the voice command 2. Update Version 1. Increased support for Italian Version 1. Increased support for Spanish Version 1. Increased support for English 2. Can be previewed when palette 3.

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Yeelight Wireless Charging Nightlight Review

See System Requirements.This new product is actually a bedside lamp that also features a wireless charging pad that is build in, cool isnt it? So if you connect it to a fast-charge adapter, you should be able to charge your supported device at up to 10W. A regular 5V 2A adapter will only charge your phones at 5W. But take note that not all models support the 10W charging, there are some device reported that can take in a little slower than 10W.

The LED lamp itself is rechargeable and can be removed to be used somewhere else. It connects to the base via three magnetic pins. It has two color temperatures — warm white and cool white. The lamp charges full in about 3 hours from empty based on my rating and it lasted for 23 hours and 12 minutes while I set it to drain at warm white and it did lasted for 11 hours and 16 minutes when I set it to frup to 11 hours when set to cold white.

The battery endurance is pretty much impressive on this one. It has anti-slip rubber at the base to keep it in place and a micro-USB input port. It also offers a bunch of charging protections including high-voltage protection and probably anti-surge protection as well. So do stay tunned for my announcement on this awesome product! The box itself is very elegant! The charging pad is pretty lightweight and its quite wide to rest your whole phone on it. Unlike other charging pads that are round, this one is oblong.

Specs at the bottom of the pad. Non Slip Rubber. Warm White. Cool White. The switch is used to power on, off and change colors. Whats in the Boc, you gotta provide your own charging plug. The lightning logo indicates its charging wireless mode. Im quite impressed with this one and we should see more awesome goodies from Yeelight pretty soon!

Post Views: Light color has a profound effect on the human senses. It can stimulate the nervous system, and it has a significant influence on emotional and psychological states.

Different color temperatures can also help improve the quality of people's lives. Slowly increasing the intensity of lighting to a certain point before you wake up can improve your mood and make getting up easier.

But lighting can do even more than this, it can bring magic to your life. In streaming mode, light continuously cycles through different lighting atmospheres. The cycle rhythm can also be adjusted to create more surprise or more romance. You can create the perfect lighting atmosphere for an immersive and thrilling home entertainment experience. Intelligent color scanning technology can pick up the colors from a photo and filter them through your light.

The Yeelight LED Light Bulb features a professional optical structure combined with high-quality LEDs light-emitting diodescreating a stable light source without any flicker that provides your eyes with the greatest protection possible. At the same time, it has color temperatures that range from K to K and are fully adjustable. Let your light change with you. Color temperatures higher than K can improve concentration and help you maintain your focus.

When hosting guests, a slightly dimmer, warmer light can create a relaxing environment that allows for more fluid and natural interaction between friends. Yeelight's adjustable color temperatures and brightness levels always give you exactly the lighting you want. Wi-Fi enabled and intergrade with Xiaomi Smart Sensors, you can connect to your bulbs without any gateway and control them with a single touch of your phone.

If you want to control multiple lights at the same time to create a little bit of surprise or a little bit of romance, the group control function allows you to easily control multiple light bulbs at once. This energy-saving bulb emits lumens of light and consumes just 9 Watts. To achieve the same level of brightness, other energy-saving light bulbs use 12 Watts and incandescent light bulbs use 60 Watts.

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yeelight xiaomi

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